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All kinds of gains being made!!! Let this remind you that it’s not about pounds lost…but what you’re made of.
In 3 months I have lost 0.2lbs of weight!!! However I have lost 4.6lbs of body fat and gained 2.4lbs of muscle mass!!! My body fat percentage has decreased by 2.9%!!!

I’m very proud of myself for not allowing the stress of moving from my home into the home of some friends, or my boyfriend’s deployment, or my new desk job where I am made to sit for hours on end…to keep me from continuing to live a healthy life. It would be so easy to use any of these things as an excuse and then some…but where does it get you!?!

Work hard, be mindful of what you’re doing, set goals and make it a new lifestyle!!! And don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect…no one is :)

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